Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photo Day

I found this old disposable camera with Ilford film a while ago. It came with the C.R. Stecyk III Arkitip magazine. They always have the best shit, hands down. check out their site and be amazed. The magazines are high quality , split between color and b+w pages, and have a brief how-to section from Tony A. from ALIFE. Super limited and always go up in value. But I'm not letting go of any of mine, espicially the KAWS issue, promo copy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

High Class

I never imagined when I first made this shirt, that a star from Harry Potter would wear it so proudly...

I printed up a handfull of these a few years ago for my friends and I. Then by request, printed up a couple dozen for the now defunct GOMIKITTI shop here in Austin. Eventually, when I started working with MadGods, they picked up on it, and relased a limited edition on 80', and a few select retailers in the UK. I don't even know where he could have got that shirt,we get hit up all the time from movie stylists, but to our knowledge, never from Rupert's people. They were sold-out at retail for quite a while, and he's been wearing it every where from the London Observer, to that talk show with Regis.
I'm super stoked that someone else feels the love...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Abstract Thought

It has been about ten years now since I started to paint seriously. I have tried a lot of methods, materials, surfaces, styles, etc., but nothing compares to pure, unadulterated, abstract expressionism.

It seems somewhat odd, although predictable, that I would at this time resort to what I consider the real roots of my visual existence. Back then, as now, I was at a place in life, where some goals, and hopes where attained. I was newly married, had a good job, riding my skateboard and getting flowed product for it...but there was a yearning for something real and more. I slowly let my passion that kept me up well past a comfortable bed time, fall by the way-side. Although those nights spent listening to music, painting away my anxieties as my then pregnant wife rest, were some of the most powerful moments for me, I somehow let other things become more important.

A couple years later, I sat as a bystander watching my life crumble away. No wife, no house, no job, no more father. I was still drawing a little here and there, but not really doing anything at all. As these circumstances became a more and more inescapable reality, I found a new way to let go of the pain. It was then, that Failure was born.

While I was stealing people's hearts on the streets around Texas, I started to paint furiously. Although, the canvases became found wood, smooth linen, trashed-out doors, it didn't matter. There was a fury of emotion to unload, and although the same textures would kick start the party, they were soon covered in gestural compositions, and figurative boasting of a strong, black line of cartoon imagery.

But these days, I find my heart leading me back to a familiar place. I paint more than ever, to release the most of myself as I can, and I find myself wanting to let go of images and concentrate on the blank white space.