Thursday, August 13, 2009

High Class

I never imagined when I first made this shirt, that a star from Harry Potter would wear it so proudly...

I printed up a handfull of these a few years ago for my friends and I. Then by request, printed up a couple dozen for the now defunct GOMIKITTI shop here in Austin. Eventually, when I started working with MadGods, they picked up on it, and relased a limited edition on 80', and a few select retailers in the UK. I don't even know where he could have got that shirt,we get hit up all the time from movie stylists, but to our knowledge, never from Rupert's people. They were sold-out at retail for quite a while, and he's been wearing it every where from the London Observer, to that talk show with Regis.
I'm super stoked that someone else feels the love...

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  1. that is fucking awesome man. so cool.